Catch A Train In Motion

by Benny Gilbert

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released October 13, 2014

All songs written & performed by Benny Gilbert
Engineering & Cover Design by R.J. Gilligan
Photo by Raine Randall
Bells Recording Compnay
Philadelphia, PA 2014


all rights reserved



Benny Gilbert Portland, Oregon

Playing traditional boot-stompers on both sides of the King Columbia. Go see him live!

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Track Name: Waiting For A Train #11
I been waiting for a train
I been waiting for a train
pretty mama wanna be there baby
be there waiting for to hear that sound
If I get rejected mama, you'd better got a way
to turn that train around

On fire, I'm sitting my baby down
and she's entitled, to any old man around
and she gets my money people
quicker and slicker than any other racket around
that honey may cost money but that womans
got the best bit honey around

I got reckless, stranded at the edge of town
so I elected, I'm puttin that woman down
and so I've been out walkin people
catchin me a ride by the side of the highway ground
bloodshot and beat down mama
gotta shake shake baby just to move my blood around

Stealin, I wanna steal you all away
and then get started,
working on naming all them baby's we'll make
but you're divided baby
on keepin me or keepin on seein
all them suckers you take
train comin mama, well it brought you here
hope it takes your ass away
Track Name: Get By
It's one in the morning the trains on the track
it's the fifth girl this month that ya put on her back
you got the mean reds in your belly and the smoke in your eyes
you're never gonna live if you live to survive
to get by, to get by
saying one girl at a time, twelve maids in a line
buddy keep it in mind
her man says he's gonna knock your dick in the ground
skip town, and take the long way around

she's a good lookin woman but aint good to me
I feel like layin down on a guillotine
I keep her in the back of my mind most times
but when she gets to the front, I wanna murder and die
to get by, to get by
treatin me like a crime, I'm drinking cartons of wine,
no bait on the line
I almost lost my mind in her town
but I turned and found, the long way around

I'm gonna get a pistol thats long and tall
gonna shoot all my enemies to see em fall
and any man on earth that tells me Im mislead
I'm gonna burry his family out behind the shed
to get by, to get by
one shovel-full at a time, honey I'm in the pines
leave my mind
I'm packing up a car and gettin Ashland bound
I cant breakdown, on the long road now

My mule don't haul and my bird don't warble
my teeth are spillin out like a sack of marbles
brown baggin buddy but my body is done
I sleep it off in the car on the road in the sun
to get by, to get by
sayin one day at a time, I'll try and walk a straight line
passing neon signs
I'll be alright if I leave the alleys alone
Saint Annio, I'm on the first train home
Track Name: No Room For Lovers
I got a gal in Witchita but I don't know her name
she don't drink she don't smoke but I love her the same
she's got a head full of nails and she'll tare ya right down
says there aint no room for lovers here in this town

the haze hung like a halo round his house when I stopped
I walked up through the door past the rubble and rock
I seen his head in the oven and his heart in his hands
left a note sayin I'm tired of this loveless land

I stopped at the edge of her house for I left
I said I'm taking you with me by choice or by theft
she threw her chains in the woods and she tangles our hands
sayin ride on ride on from this loveless land

I'm gonna find me a place so perfect and sweet
untouched by the pages of the red magazines
where my hands for you and you're for my hand
cause there ain't no room for lovers here in this land

The sun sat like an anchor on our backs as we rode
the frame bent down and dragged cross the earth from the load
a black pathway of glass stretched the funeral sands
from us to the gates of that loveless land
Track Name: All Them Pretty Women
by Benny Gilbert

My mother said with her darkest breath
them woman gonna love and leave
she breathed her smoke up across the wall
and pulled a dagger up out of her sleeve saying,
"All kinds of woman, are gonna put you in your grave"

I met my true love when I was young
she was standing on the hill on high
she told me low to come around no more
I nearly rolled myself down to die, thinking,
All kinds of woman, are gonna put me in my grave

I left my home when I was young
I traveled all across this land
I had been livin in a copper town when I pretty girl at hand
All these pretty woman, are gonna put me in my grave

There's a dagger for a man in my woman's hand
she's sinking i the ground
I know where she's bound
It's all them pretty woman, are gonna put me in my grave

Many winters went when I was weak and bent
I saw my love again
she was laying on the hill in a pile of pills
I knew where I'd been
with All them pretty woman, Gonna put me in my grave

All along the tracks with a paper sack
I'm waiting on a train
I seen you there and I turned around again
All them pretty woman, are gonna put me in my grave
Oh, in my grave.
Track Name: Catch A Train In Motion
I can't hear nothin, but the box cars jumping
when you tell me how to hang the clothes on the line
the diamond stars at night, don't shine to me as bright
as they did from the paths between the towns

I might get me the notion, to catch a train in motion
I might climb my midnight roof while everyone's at rest
people like me fine, but they don't know me truth in kind
whenever, wherever I roam

I'd trade my cars for trestles, red roses for thistles
I might pawn my sunday shoes for hard leather heels
I can't get worked up and swear, when I never really cared
how this here house it might pitch and peel

I've been layin in darkness, I am the midnight witness
to every rumble, ring, and holler from the edge of town
To take me off the tracks, is to lay me in my coffin
I'll break the morning all gold and red

Her cool breathing beside me, feels like its all behind me
and that smoke stack is piling up ahead
I see it when I'm sleepless, my train gold and stretched out endless
and I fall asleep to the pace and pound
whenever, wherever I roam

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